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How to create a blog on blogger ,latest update

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 How to create a blog on blogger ,latest update

How to create a blog on blogger ,latest update

Many people are looking for how to create a blog on Blogger step by step for beginners, so in this article we will highlight this important topic.

Perhaps you want to profit from blogging, which is one of the most famous areas of profit from the Internet, or to profit from commission marketing or from selling your own products, and you do not want to cost yourself a lot of money, especially when you are at the beginning.

If you are, then the option to create a blog on Blogger step by step for beginners is a good idea and a smart investment, and I will tell you why?

But first, 

do you know what a blogger blog is?

Blogger is one of the content management systems CMS that allows you to publish all kinds of content from articles, images and videos.

It is also one of the free Google products, which originally belongs to Pyra Labs before Google bought it in 2003. Google also offers a free sub-domain under

When thinking about creating a blog on Blogger, you may be confused as to which would be better, Blogger or WordPress.

In this article, I will tell you

 the advantages and disadvantages of blogger


  • Most of the requirements that websites need are largely provided by Blogger blog.
  • Blogger blog is completely free and will not cost you anything (except when you add external improvements) unlike other platforms.
  • Blogger blog has hundreds of templates, whether free or paid, that you can download and upload to your blog easily.
  • you can modify and customize blogger templates as you like.
  • blogger Provides a free hosting.
  • The high number of visits to your site will not cause any problems, unlike other platforms, which may cause the high number of visits to your site above the number specified for you to slow your site or stop it sometimes.
  • The indexing of Blogger blogs is very fast compared to WordPress and other content management systems, as indexing Blogger blogs does not take more than 24 hours from the date of its creation, while other platforms may take weeks or months to index.
  • Blogger is easy to use especially for beginners.
  • bloggger is Secure and reliable.
  •  blogger provides aFree SSL certificate.
  • blogger is Easily integrate with other Google products.


  • Lack of customization options.
  • It lacks eCommerce features or plugins.
  • Poor customer support.
  • The blog is not originally owned by you, but by Google.


After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of creating a blog on Blogger, step by step for beginners, we can move on to how to the steps of creating a blog on Blogger.


steps to create a blog on Blogger for beginners

 Logging in to google


Logging in to google

Log in to Google with your email account and the best thing is to create a Gmail email for the blog only so that you do not use it for anything other than the blog, why? In order to make it easier for you to communicate with your visitors, their messages are not mixed with other messages.


There are two ways to login to Blogger

Click on this link
Or click here


Then here


bog name

Once logged in, this box will appear



Enter the name of your blog, then click Next

 blog domain

Another box will appear for you. 


You have to put the domain to your blog. This link must be unique and no one has chosen it before . Only then will you see this phrase “The address of this blog is available” and next to it a check mark

Author’s name

After you click on the next box, another box will appear for you.


 In this box, you have to put the name that will appear to visitors to your blog, “Author’s name.” You can choose the name you want, whether it is your real name or a pseudonym.

Once you click the Finish button, you will be directed to your blog's dashboard



Here you have successfully created your blog and you can start blogging and publishing your articles, but there are a few things left for you to do and they are

more things to do

Choose a template for the blog, whether it is a paid or free template

Google offers many free templates, but these templates have few and modest advantages, but there are paid templates with many professional advantages, including, for example, this template of our blog, which you can buy now with ease, just contact us via the WhatsApp button before purchasing it from here

$5 template A wonderful blogger template with many additions, which you can view from here

Buy a custom domain 

Why should I link my blog to a paid domain name?

 There are several reasons that will push you to link your blog to a paid domain name instead of free, including:

Paid domains are cheap:

 Buying a domain is not difficult, and you can easily buy a .com, .org or .net domain for a price not exceeding $13, and you can buy a .com domain from Godaddy for only one dollar.

Social networking sites:

 Since the blogspot domain name is free, it is targeted by spammers and is therefore not trusted by social media users, and when you use a custom domain name, you will remove the free stamp from your blog, because most social media users do not like to click on links that contain Free domain names.

Promote your blog:

 When we talk about blog promotion or marketing, most sites and ad networks do not like to deal with sub-domain names and free domain names, so it is better to use a custom domain name to promote your site easily.

Being serious about blogging:

 You may put in a lot of effort to create a blog and write great blog posts, but without a professional template and a custom domain name people will not feel that you are serious about blogging, for one reason and that is that you are not ready to spend a few dollars on the thing you love which is blogging.


 The impression you leave on your readers is essential and reflects positively on your blog, and using a custom domain name helps cement your blog’s brand in their minds, in addition to your blog’s logo, icon and design.

Professional email:

 If you have a paid domain name, it is easy for you to get a professional email address in the form of

Excellence in SEO (SEO):

 If you are planning to move your site from Blogger to WordPress, thanks to a custom domain name you will not lose any of your archived site links in search engines.

 we recommend 




Adding the blog to search engines

Adding the blog to Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google News and feedburner


Adding the necessary pages

Adding the necessary pages for the blog, such as

  • the privacy policy page
  • the user agreement page
  • the about page
  • the contact us page
  • the guestbook page
  • the site map page

as these pages are important for acceptance in Google Adsense


Create robots.txt and sitemap

Create robots.txt and sitemap files files and send them to Google and Bing

Customize the template and adjust settings

Writing articles according to the rules of SEO

Writing articles according to the rules of SEO, publishing and sharing them on various social media

We will talk about all this in detail, God willing, but in other posts

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