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Social content locker for blogger


social content locker

Social content locker for bloggeris the best Blogger widget and it has great advantages 

content lock or part of it or a download link, and this content is not opened until after it is shared on social media

 Although this add-Ons is annoying  for visitors, it has many benefits for the owner of the site

 Benefits of adding content locker widget to 

 The benefits of this add-on are great and many, and every content maker and one wishes it

  1. Raising the site's rank in search engines
  2.  ncrease the number of visitors, the more shares, the more visitors
  3.  Increase profits
  4.  Publish and publicize the blog
  5.  Get a lot of followers quickly
  6.  A golden opportunity for visitors to return again to your blog
  7.  Enlarge your pages on social media quickly
  8.  Strengthen your site's SEO

 How does this add-on work?

 This add-on simply hides part of the content, which may be a link, image, or text, and shows you in the place of the hidden content a message saying that the content is closed, and in order for it to appear to you, you must either like or share it on a social media

 Although this plugin is widely available for WordPress blogs, this plugin is rare if you would like to add it to Blogger.

 But in this article, I will tell you how to lock and hide part of the content on Blogger

download social content locker for blogger 

if you want to get this widget contact me 


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